Residential Customer Acquisition

Over the years, mass marketing residential customers has seen many different regulatory changes making the task more and more challenging. From the National Do Not Call registry created back in 2003 to the gray area of enforcement and litigation brought on by the TCPA act to current new robocall laws that are being implemented has all created a very tricky landscape to navigate.

We have been fortunate to find great success in this arena where others have just thrown in the towel. Telemarketing to residential customers can still be done and done effectively while remaining in compliance with any state and federal laws, it just needs to be done properly using the correct technology and making quality assurance a top priority.

Southeast Energy Consultants has successfully enrolled over 300,000 residential customers for different suppliers throughout various states while maintaining an exemplary compliance record and following all federal and state laws pertaining to outbound telemarketing. Outbound telemarketing is not dead, it just has to be done right to succeed.

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