About Us

Brett Lister
Founder /Chief Operations Officer

Brett Lister is the co-owner and Chief Operations Officer for Southeast Energy Consultants in Holiday, FL. As a veteran with more than 20 years in the energy business, Brett co-founded Southeast Energy Consultants in 2009. SEC specializes in customer acquisitions via telesales for several different energy suppliers. Brett oversees all operations for the entire company, and he maintains strict policies to ensure quality control practices for his clients. He has a long record of successfully acquiring hundreds of thousands of customers for SEC’s long-lasting energy supplier partnerships. Brett has built a solid foundation and as a result, SEC continues to grow by adding a second location in 2014 and establishing a successful virtual telemarketing environment in 2020. Utilizing technology advancements, Brett has provided hundreds of jobs allowing agents the opportunity to work remotely from home.

Mike Schwegman
Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Mike Schwegman is the co-owner and Chief Executive Officer for Southeast Energy Consultants in Holiday, FL. Mike is a Florida native, born and raised in the city of Dunedin. Coincidentally, that is also where his marketing career would begin. Mike was hired on as a telemarketer at the age of 17 where he was consistently a top sales person and within a year was promoted to sales manager over the commercial sales division. At the age of 26 Mike co founded Southeast Energy Consultants and had his sights set on growing a sales team that could compete with the best. 11 years later, Southeast Energy consultants is flourishing in a world where most other call centers have failed with over 200 employees and millions of dollars in annual revenue. When not focusing on how to make the business better, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 beautiful daughters.

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